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Global Manufacturing

Ravian Group has its own manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh and Pakistan. These facilities are well equipped with latest textile technology to cater the diversified needs of today’s textile world. Our manufacturing setup are capable of handling products required for low end cleaning applications to the high end Hospitality requirements. With the combination of Power looms and newly shuttles looms, these facilities offer wide range of product offerings to its valued customers globally. apart from owned manufacturing units, we do have strategic partner mills working in India and China to give us an edge on producing consistent quality products at all time.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with a qualified and knowledgeable workforce to produce quality products. Diverse Human Resource of Ravian Group makes our manufacturing facilities more efficient and productive.

New Product Development & Quality Controls

Development of New products is always challenging and requires close attention. We have a dedicated team of professionals who takes care the new products and customer’s samples very carefully. The team monitors closely each step of product development till the approval on that product from the valued buyers.

At Ravian Group We understand the importance of Consistency of the products of each batch for same orders and make sure that customer doesn’t get surprises for each new shipment. to control this, we have Quality levels at each step from Yarn to pack. We follow the process of feed forward instead of feedback. The final goods are inspected before shipments and we share those reports with our valued customers to know in advance what kind of GOODS they will be getting.

Private Labeling & Drop Shipments

We do provide our valued customers private labeling and customized packaging solutions.  Our Logistics team is very capable of handling drop shipments to the different destinations on behalf of our customers to their valued clients.